With major museums in London and New York showcasing leading contemporary African artists this summer, and Angola’s recent success at the Biennale in Venice, is the world of art finally putting Africa on its map?

Ghanaian sculptor El Anatsui is among the most celebrated contemporary African artists at the moment.

Among his most iconic pieces are sculptures made from thousands of bottle tops, strung together with copper wire to form enormous shimmering sheets, which undulate and fold into different shapes.

Mr Anatsui’s installations are currently on display at the Brooklyn Museum of Art in New York – one of the few solo exhibitions of an African artist at a big institution in the United States in the last few decades.

“El Anatsui’s career has taken on a meteoric rise,” says Kevin Dumouchelle the curator of the exhibition.

“At the beginning he was regarded as the best contemporary artist in Africa, but he made a leap and has become a global artist.”

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